Mediation Services

The MCA offers all clients of MCA members a non-binding mediation service. The service is designed to maintain the integrity of the members Code of Conduct ensuring that clients receive the levels of service contracted.

Initial contact can be made in complete confidence to either the Chairman or the Secretary. Initial contact is informal and often the matter can be resolved without escalating to a formal investigation. In many cases it may be that the matter is simply one of clarification from a misunderstanding or other issue with the parties reaching a solution with little more than guidance from the MCA.

Otherwise, mediation is a formal process requiring a detailed request from an MCA client, followed by an MCA investigation, an outline decision and recommendation (non-binding on either party).

To proceed to a formal investigation the client is required to lodge a detailed claim in writing (email, fax or letter) to the Chairman and / or Secretary of the MCA along with a non-refundable payment of £250 payable to the ‘MCA’.

The service is not designed to replace or to supplement any legal avenues available to either a client or MCA member but has proved to be a cost effective mechanism to both inform clients of what they duly have a right to expect from an MCA member and in turn what an MCA member should readily make available to clients in terms of service, routing and handling of service issues or disputes.

We would envisage to conclude and investigation within six weeks from receiving a formal request and a determination shortly thereafter.

MCA members are requested to furnish all relevant information to the appointed investigating officer.