Joining Information

The MCA welcomes new applicants from within the mailing industry. Membership of the MCA is open to all companies that consolidate mail on behalf of customers and satisfy the membership criteria.



A new applicant must:

  • Be an incorporated body

  • Have operated as a carrier for at least 2 years (except a subsidiary of a mailing company having operated for more than 4 years)

  • Have at least 2 directors of which no director or manager has been ruled ineligible to act as a director within the past 5 years.

  • Have more than 10 corporate customers


Applications must be accompanied by a:

  • Copy of the audited or trading accounts, as the case maybe, for the past 2 years and list of Directors and shareholders (including beneficial shareholders)

  • Statement disclosing all associated companies (as defined under the Companies Code)

  • Signed copy of the current MCA Code of Practice (by no less than 2 directors)

  • Payment of the non-refundable application fee (currently £100.00). The application fee is deducted from the successful applicant’s first year’s subscription (currently £800.00).

  • Applicants should allow at least 12 weeks for consideration. The MCA may request supplemental information and a site visit prior to approving (or rejecting) any application.


The following is a list of the criterion that will be checked by MCA Members prior to introducing all new postal and distribution suppliers.

  • Supplier will have provided written confirmation of services provided including delivery areas covered, expected delivery performance and pricing structure.

  • Supplier will have provided a minimum of at least 2 existing user references and these will have been verified prior to use.

  • A full site visit of all new service providers will have been undertaken to confirm delivery network, operational processes and staffing levels.

  • Trading and Credit references will be obtained to confirm suitability.

  • Service testing will have taken place prior to the full introduction of any new service