Consumer Advice

Members are uniquely well placed to give advice on your mailing requirements. They have many years of experience in the industry. They all have to adhere to the MCA Code of Conduct and are subject to the mediation service if things go wrong. And their businesses are built on long-term commercial relationships, which they will make every effort to acquire, retain and develop.



We do recommend that you obtain more than one quotation for any project you are contemplating. We have provided a simple quotation request form that will allow you to send a specification for your mailing to one or more MCA member.

We also recommend that you consider the following points when planning your mailing:

  • Allow sufficient preparation and delivery time if your mailing contains time-sensitive materials like competitions or financial reports.
  • Make sure your data is cleaned and de-duplicated to avoid waste.
  • Use recycled paper where possible.
  • Ask your supplier for written transit time guides for the destinations involved.
  • Allow for public holidays both domestic and internationally.
  • Consider the dimensions and item weights when designing your mail pieces. Many international destinations have different regulations for the best discounts.
  • Ask your supplier to quote for materials as they have access to the highest volume discounts.

Your MCA accredited supplier will be only too happy to provide expert guidance on all the above and more. Use our form to send a quote request to up to five MCA members.